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Welcome to Santiago Financial Inc. – Arizona Mobile & Manufactured Home Loans

At Santiago Financial Inc., we are excited to extend our trusted financial services to the vibrant state of Arizona. With over 40 years of dedicated service in California, we’re now bringing our expertise in mobile and manufactured home loans to Arizona. Our mission is to make homeownership achievable and affordable for every family in the Grand Canyon State.

Our Services in Arizona

Tailored Loan Solutions

Whether you’re buying your first mobile home or refinancing an existing manufactured home, we provide tailored loan solutions to meet your specific needs. Our expertise encompasses:

Expert Guidance

Our team of experienced loan specialists is here to guide you through every step, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience.

Low Down Payment Options

Accessible Homeownership

One of the standout features of our loan offerings is the opportunity to secure a mobile or manufactured home loan with down payments as low as 5%. This initiative significantly lowers the barrier to homeownership, allowing more individuals and families to invest in their future without the pressure of a substantial upfront payment. Whether you’re in Phoenix, Tucson, or the charming town of Sedona, this option opens doors to a variety of communities across Arizona.

Empowering Arizona Communities

Our low down payment options are particularly beneficial for the thriving mobile and manufactured home communities in Mesa, Chandler, and Gilbert. By offering more accessible financial solutions, we empower residents in these areas to secure their own homes with greater ease and less financial strain.

Versatile Property Options

Homes in Parks and on Land

Understanding the diverse preferences of our clients, we offer lending solutions for homes situated in both parks and on private land. Whether you’re drawn to the community atmosphere of a mobile home park in Sun City or Surprise or the independence of owning a home on your own land in the scenic Prescott or Dewey, our financial products are designed to support your choice.

Serving Diverse Arizona Locales

From the bustling streets of Phoenix to the tranquil settings of Apache Junction, our versatile property options cater to a wide array of lifestyles and preferences. We take pride in serving a diverse range of locales within Arizona, ensuring that our lending solutions are accessible to as many potential homeowners as possible.

Flexible Home Types

With or Without Foundations

Recognizing that mobile and manufactured homes come in various forms, we extend our lending services to homes with and without foundations. This inclusivity ensures that regardless of the type of mobile or manufactured home you choose, there’s a financial solution available to support your purchase.

Accommodating Unique Needs

Our understanding of the unique needs of mobile and manufactured homeowners extends to various Arizona communities like Bullhead City and Flagstaff. Whether you’re seeking a home with a permanent foundation in Glendale or a more mobile option in Peoria, we have the expertise and resources to facilitate your homeownership journey.

Your Path to Homeownership

Inclusive and Supportive Lending

Our aim at Santiago Financial Inc. is to dismantle financial hurdles and offer inclusive loan options. We pride ourselves on providing a range of solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. With our experienced team and comprehensive loan offerings, embarking on your homeownership journey has never been easier.

A Partner in Your Arizona Homeownership Journey

As your trusted partner, we are committed to supporting you at every step of your homeownership journey in Arizona. Our extensive knowledge of local markets, combined with our flexible lending options, positions us uniquely to assist you, whether you’re settling in Scottsdale or exploring options in Tucson.

Serving Arizona Communities


Explore the dynamic options in Arizona’s bustling state capital.


Discover the high-quality lifestyle and mobile home opportunities in Scottsdale.

Glendale and Peoria

Find affordable living solutions in these thriving suburbs.

Mesa, Chandler, and Gilbert

Join growing communities with a strong sense of connection.

Apache Junction

Enjoy a blend of natural beauty and affordable housing.

Prescott, Dewey, and Sedona

Experience the charm and scenic views of these picturesque towns.

Flagstaff and Bullhead City

Dive into unique living experiences in northern Arizona.


Immerse yourself in a cultural hotspot with diverse mobile home communities.

Sun City and Surprise

Ideal destinations for retirement living with excellent amenities.

Lending Throughout Arizona

Why Choose Santiago Financial Inc. for Your Mobile Home Loan in Arizona?

    • Expertise and Experience: Leverage over 40 years of industry knowledge.

    • Personalized Service: Customized loan solutions to fit your unique needs.

    • Seamless Process: Our technology-driven approach ensures a smooth transaction.

    • Trusted Reputation: A history of satisfied clients and successful homeownership stories.

    • Local Focus: Deep understanding of Arizona’s mobile and manufactured home market.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Arizona Mobile & Manufactured Home Loans

    Yes, we offer refinancing options that can help you secure better interest rates, reduce monthly payments, or access home equity.

    The timeline for loan approval can vary based on individual circumstances and the type of loan. Our team works efficiently to process applications and provide timely responses.

    Absolutely! We offer guidance and support for first-time homebuyers, helping them navigate the loan process and understand the options available to them.


    With over 40 years of experience in the industry, we bring extensive knowledge and a deep understanding of the mobile and manufactured home market. Our personalized service, technology-driven processes, and commitment to providing accessible loan options set us apart.

    You can start your application process by visiting our website or contacting us directly. Our team will guide you through the application process and help you find the best loan option for your needs.

    Yes, we offer loans for mobile and manufactured homes with or without foundations. We understand the diversity of home preferences and provide solutions to accommodate different needs.

    We serve numerous areas across Arizona, including but not limited to Phoenix, Scottsdale, Glendale, Peoria, Mesa, Chandler, Apache Junction, Prescott, Dewey, Sedona, Flagstaff, Bullhead City, Gilbert, Tucson, Sun City, and Surprise.

    Yes, at Santiago Financial Inc., we provide mobile and manufactured home loans with down payments as low as 5%. This makes homeownership more accessible and reduces the financial burden of a large upfront payment.


    We offer a variety of loan options including home purchase loans, refinancing options, and home equity loans. Our loans cater to homes in parks, on private land, and we offer options for homes both with and without foundations.


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