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Mobile Home Mortgage Lender

Santiago Financial is here to assist you as an established mobile home mortgage lender. Where many financial institutions do not offer mobile or manufactured home lending, we specialize in it. In fact, we have a variety of programs to suit your individual needs and financial situation. Santiago Financial can help you to finance a mobile home of any age.


You might be wondering why we offer a service that so few others do. The reality is that we think that the mobile home market is going to continue to grow. Where other companies see an unnecessary investment, we see an opportunity to put our talents to the test and provide a helpful service for homeowners. Other companies have a tendency to think that mobile homes are not worth the work because of their low price. We think that is a bit silly, to be quite honest. As far as we are concerned, no matter the size of a home, we are happy to help our customers finance them.

Can You Really Get A Mortgage On A Mobile Home?

Many of our customers have spent time operating under the idea that mobile homes do not qualify for a mortgage. This simply is not true. In reality, you can get a mortgage on all kinds of mobile homes, making it more than possible for you to land a home of this type without having to pay for it in full. The truth is that there are some companies that don’t offer mortgages and others that have incredibly strict requirements. Most of the time, this is tied to the idea that the lending company won’t make enough money, which is why most of them try to offer loans on much bigger properties. For us, this seems like a completely missed opportunity. Mobile homes are homes, and many people have a growing interest in them. We are here to help with that.

How Does It Work?

When we work with you to determine the right mortgage option, we will start by learning about you and your new mobile home. Unlike other companies, we don’t mind if your mobile home has been around for a little while. Mobile homes of any age can be financed through us as long as they meet certain criteria. Don’t worry, we don’t require a lot. As long as the home is safe and is in compliance with certain lending laws, it should be a fine fit for a mortgage through us.


To begin, you will want to get in contact with us for a consultation. During this appointment, which is completely free, you will be able to talk to us about yourself and your potential new home. Our experts will guide you through the eligibility process and help you to fill out a formal application. Once this has been completed, you will be able to learn within a few short days whether or not we can help you to mortgage your mobile home. Our team is committed to providing the best possible service to you and your family, which means that we will always aim to get you the best deal. Let our team guide you through the process, and you can finance your mobile home in no time!

Are All Mobile Home Mortgages The Same?

When it comes to financing a mobile home, you have a surprising number of options. Depending on the details of your home and your personal situation, you might just find that some0 kinds of loans are better for you than others. When you pair with us, we will work hard to find the best possible loan option for you so that you can feel confident walking into your purchase.


Many people assume that there are only one or two mortgage options, but this actually isn’t the case. As a lending provider, we know that our customers are unique. Keeping this in mind, we work hard to provide loan options that are the right fit for the individual instead of just offering you a basic package. Working with us means working with a team that is committed to bringing you the best possible loan options no matter what that looks like.

Can I Afford A Mobile Home Mortgage?

For many, investing in a mortgage is a fairly intimidating process. In fact, you might be wondering if you are actually going to be able to afford a mortgage at all. Fortunately, mortgages come in all shapes and sizes and can be quite affordable, particularly for mobile homes. A mobile home mortgage is a great way to invest in property and keep your payments low at the same time. It is a surprisingly affordable option, particularly for families that are looking to have a home of their own.


So many prospective homeowners operate under the idea that homes always come with a high monthly expense. Though it is easy to see why you would assume that a home will always be an expensive purchase, the reality is that mobile homes in particular are great for getting a low monthly rate. To understand this, you must consider how home loans actually work.


Home loans and their monthly rate are dependent upon the total loan amount and the interest rate involves. Mobile homes are much cheaper than traditional homes, which means that they tend to come with a much lower monthly price tag. The monthly amount is heavily influenced by the size of the loan. Since mobile home loans tend to be so much smaller than home loans, it is easy to see why your monthly rate would also be smaller to match this need. This means that mobile homes are a great option for those who are looking to invest in property without spending too much money.


In most cases, a mortgage, in general, can save money over renting. More often than not, rental rates are highly inflated. A lot of people are surprised to learn that a home mortgage is quite a bit less each month than even an apartment. With a mobile home, you can save quite a bit over your monthly rental price wherever you are currently staying. Even downsizing from a traditional home mortgage to a mobile home mortgage can have huge impacts on the amount that you are spending. It is a great opportunity to save or even invest!

How We Pair With The Industry To Help You

Every situation is different and we offer various kinds of loans to suit that need. We know that lending is not a one-size-fits-all situation, and we don’t pretend that it is. When you work with us, you can count on the fact that we are working hard to get you the best deal. Whether it is monthly rates, interest rates, or even certain lender perks that we can offer, our team loans to the individual, not the masses. 


We serve the entire state of California, from San Jose and Sunnyvale to Los Angeles County and Orange County. In growing our business, we have established great relationships with realtors, escrow companies, park owners and managers, mobile home park communities, and industry specialists. We have a unique and acute insight into the business and can put our advantages to work for you.


The majority of lending providers focus on their side of the industry, but we like to be experts on the entire process. This is why we work so hard to not only educate ourselves, but also to surround ourselves with experts from other industries to ensure that you are getting the best possible deal from start to finish. We don’t want you to just get a great loan through us. We want to use our knowledge and resources to truly benefit our clients so that they are taken care of from start to finish.


When you work with us, you are not just working with a lending company. We know that there is more to buying a mobile home than simply financing it, and we work to help you through the rest. Whether it is providing information ourselves or even connecting you with a resource to help bring the best options to you, we are just happy to help. Investing in a home, mobile, or otherwise, is a big decision. Our team works hard to make sure that you are always adequately supported.


In addition to being able to help you navigate your purchase from start to finish, we are also able to get you the best deals. Our connection to other industry professionals makes it possible for us to help you get a great deal whether it is helping you to find talented realtors, a park owner who might have a good place for you to live, or even just professionals in the mobile home park community. As far as we are concerned, our friends are your friends. 

What Sets Santiago Financial Apart?

Our esteemed reputation, which we’ve cultivated for over forty years and counting. At Santiago Financial, we work incredibly hard to ensure that we bring the very best to the table. This is why we hire the best, work with the best, and always keep our knowledge up to date. Some companies are happy staying with the way things have been, but we are always looking to the future. We know that the lending industry is always changing and we are always changing our practices to adapt to it.


Most people want to work with a company that has exceptional customer service. At our company, we know that our customers deserve the very best. Our professionals know this, which is why they are always so happy to go above and beyond when it comes to your loan options. We believe that every client deserves to be treated as an individual. We don’t waste time trying to fit our customers into certain boxes, but instead, take the time to understand them and their property. This allows us to create a completely custom profile that we can in turn use to get you the best possible deal.


In addition to great customer service, we always aim to suit the needs of our customers. We know that lending options can be a bit intimidating. We know that there are a lot of other companies out there looking to take advantage of their customers. We aren’t one of them. When you work with us, your every thought and concern will be heard and considered. Our only goal is to provide you with a mobile home mortgage that you can feel good about.


The way that a company treats their customers is often visible when it comes to their reputation. At Santiago Financial, we have been in the business long enough for our reputation to speak for itself. When you look into our company, you will see happy customers with glowing reviews. This is because we operate with a customer-first mentality instead of simply using our customers to make more money. In our opinion, the best partnership is one where we all get what we want, and we work hard to make that possible.

The Santiago Financial Promise

We’ll work to get you the most competitive loan program available, straight and simply. When you work with us, you can feel confident knowing that you are working with a team that puts customers above everything else. We are an industry leader in mobile home mortgage lending, and we can’t wait to help you to purchase your next home.


Contact Santiago Financial today to learn about what we can offer you. Your initial consultation is completely free and comes with no risk. We can have your loan decision within two days, making it easy for you to get an answer quickly and start taking next steps. We look forward to being your trusted mobile home mortgage lender!

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