The result of resonant frequencies within the body allow for a direct correspondence to the frequency rhythms within the brain, which cohere with the emotional state of every human. Sound waves with frequencies less than 20Hz are called infrasonic or subsonic and those with frequencies above 20kHz are called ultrasonic.. Infrasonic waves Audible and inaudible sounds are two of categorization of sound according to their frequencies and capabilities of humans to hear or detect them. Infrasonic Sound is an audio & vinyl mastering company with studios in Los Angeles CA, Nashville, TN, and Oakland, CA. Instead, these injuries are probably the side effects of intrusive surveillance. Just as TI perps are usually experts at harassing and persecuting TIs, they use those same intentions against us. Good vibrations: The case for a specific effect of Infrasound in instances of anomalous experience has yet to be empirically demonstrated. How non-lethal weapons could change warfare. Moreover, he also discussed the use of the device that altered temperature of enemies whilst also stating: “We make a version with this which puts out 155 decibels. Seven hertz is also the average frequency of the brain’s alpha rhythms; thus this frequency has been described as dangerous but also relaxing. You see, the Vietnamese people worship their ancestors and they take a lot of notice of the spirits and stuff like that. Ultrasonic (high frequency) bursts have been used as a teenager repellant, and ultrasound is known to cause headaches and nausea. An ultrasonic loudspeaker designed to operate on a subject who is two metres away would be thousands of times more powerful at two centimetres. But Barry Manilow also drives teenagers from shopping malls. Sonic weapons fall into two categories: those that involve audible frequencies, and those that are either ultrasonic or infrasonic and so are inaudible. Instructions and a Patent for a ‘Phasor Pain Field Generator’ can be found, which emits ultrasonic frequencies at 20,000Hz to 25,000Hz as a schematic for a handheld self-defence device, specifying that it’s “intended for Law Enforcement, Personal Or For Qualified Acoustical Research” (Free Information Society, no date) & (De Laro Research, 2014). above 20000Hz are called ultrasonic waves. The Case of the Mythical Beast. A brief history of sonic warfare. It also goes on to say that “Most people are intensely annoyed by the device and have a compelling wish to be somewhere else.” (New Scientist, 1973). — Casey … As adjectives the difference between infrasonic and ultrasonic is that infrasonic is (of sound waves|acoustics) having frequencies below the human audible range while ultrasonic is (acoustics) beyond (higher in frequency than) the range of sound perceptible to the human ear; with a frequency of 20 kilohertz or higher. (2009). Sonic weapons fall into two categories: those that involve audible frequencies, and those that are either ultrasonic or infrasonic and so are inaudible. & Meyer, D. J. The spectrum beyond human audible range defines itself as ultrasound, this being above 20,000Hz. Sounds in Silence: Infrasound and Resonance Teibel, A. Based on the frequency range of ultrasonic waves, it can be used in many industrial applications including the processing of food. Due to this, we can see ultrasound utilised in largely in the medical industry, with a particular focus on digital diagnostic imaging. As previously cited by (Goodman, 2010), it is documented that the frequency range of 7Hz is thought to instil effects of uneasiness, anxiety, fear and anger. Fact sheet — LRAD corporation. WARNING ALERT! New York: Taylor & Francis, Free Information Society. The second is that ultrasound can cause “cavitation”. These techniques have allowed for a greater amount of research in the 21st century, and as a common theme, this is particularly within the U.S military. If a subject moved their head into just the right location, waves from different emitters could combine at the eardrum, causing much higher energies. Israel is considering using an unusual new weapon against Jewish settlers who resist this summer’s Gaza Strip evacuation, a device that emits penetrating bursts of sound that send targets reeling with dizziness and nausea.” (Teibel, 2005). As a result of this research, the study will gather primary research to understand the effect of 7Hz on the human body, and analyse the emotional effect it has within formulated within this study. (Ed.) … The term ‘infrasound’ defines itself as the inaudible frequency range below the human bandwidth of around 20Hz. (1976). Emotion and meaning in music. To support this statement, it’s also apparent within research conducted by NASA (Aerospace Medical Research Laboratory, 1976) that the resonant frequency of the human eyeball sits at around 18hertz, just below the audible range of the human ear. We can also see from this that the application of ultrasound has in fact been popular by the military and one could assume that there may be more progressed development within this field. Ultrasonic. Despite this, it is the alleged properties that infrasound, when applied correctly to humans, that have allowed for the field to be of interest within military application. Stress — Though there are many good things that come with beta waves, there is also a huge possibility that they may stress you out. Retrieved from, Howard, D. M. & Angus, J. As technologies have developed, it’s apparent that military bodies within the world seek to create weapons resulting in “war’s without death” (Scott & Monitor, 2010). Some people are more sensitive than others, and although skin reflects 99.9% of ultrasonic sound waves, our ears are much more susceptible to the energy carried by those waves. “A young Palestinian covers his ears from a sound, launched by a new weapon of the Israeli army, during a demonstration against the construction of Israel’s separation barrier at the West Bank village of Bil’in Friday, June 3, 2005. These bulky units have been used for crowd control and repelling pirates. . Also, the amplitude is proportional to the amplitude of the harmonic force causing the vibrations . In February 2004, the American Technology Corporation secured a $1 million contract to provide U.S forces in Iraq with Long Range Acoustic Devices (LRAD) (Goodman, 2009, p. 21). Israel may use sound weapon on settlers. Audible sound waves whose frequencies are less than 20 Hz are in the infrasonic range. Moreover, devices similar to this have also been developed previously; though military and law enforcement have denied the use of ultrasonic devices it apparent that such exist. Doctrine for Joint Psychological Operations. (Eds.) Results found that 22% of the participants experienced a feeling of anxiety and fear (Stathatos, no date). Today I talked to an attorney who stated the apparently common view that the Seattle Police Department (SPD) is clueless when it comes to technology crimes. New York: Oxford University Press, Kliempt, P., Ruta, D., Ogston, S., Landeck, A., & Martay, K. (1999). ultrasonic (above approximately 16 - 20 kHz). Retrieved from binaural.pdf, Berlyne, D. E. (1971). The U.S militaries 23rd Special Troops, often referred to as the ‘Ghost Army’ were a troop of sound and radio engineers assigned to fabricate the sounds of marching troops, tanks, landing crafts allowing for sonic deception of their enemies (Goodman, 2009, p. 41). The effect of this allows the brain to detect the phase difference between the two frequencies, rather than the brain responding to each frequency, the effect comprises of the difference between the two. We sell those to the military presently for about 70,000 dollars, and they’re buying them as fast as we can make them.” (Norris, 2004). One of which is it’s application to military usage. Despite some disadvantages, ultrasound is used in various tools including motion sensors. Are beta brainwaves the cause of schizophrenia? Frequencies are more than 20000 Hz. New Scientist, September Issue. Sources: Humans, Animal roars, etc. Retrieved from 2008/03/08/sonic-doom-by-jack-sargeant/, Scott, R. L. & Monitor, T. C. S. (2010) War without death? Sources of infrasound in nature include volcanoes, avalanches, earthquakes and meteorites. Phasor Pain Field Generator. Ultrasonic sounds have a frequency above the upper limit of human hearing. Sergeant Mark Hadsell of PsyOps states “If you play it for 24 hours, your brain and body functions start to slide, your train of thought slows down and your will is broken. This corresponds with the median alpha-rhythm frequencies of the brain.”. The sonic boom of supersonic aircraft contains significant levels of infrasound. I would imagine that if your brainwaves get high enough in the beta range, you will begin to notice a fear of things that are not normal to freak out over. Brainwave entrainment (or often referred to as neural entrainment) defines itself as the use of certain frequencies to activate bands of electrical wave resonance within our brain, to induce neurological states within our body. With each frequency cycle ) or sustained binaural.pdf, Berlyne, D. (... Due to the inaudible frequency range of more than 119,700 academics and researchers from 3,848 institutions serve electronically Targeted (. A pilot study to assess Psychologic and physiologic effects sound causes bubbles to form in body tissue ( ask. Loudspeaker ) would struggle to generate much more complex disease, causing.... Anti-War: Making sense of today ’ s a sad state of affairs outer nozzle emitting methane, the!, etc.Ultrasonic sound has a frequency above the frequencies lie between 20Hz and 20kHz infrasonic ultrasonic., there are 3 types sound waves spread out in all directions away from the source sound by... Is when the pressure difference between a strong push and a voice reverberated two. Moving waves that can not be felt or heard, which fits the facts by! Is unlikely to be empirically demonstrated and a strong push and a voice reverberated from two loudspeakers to!: the MIT Press, new Scientist and includes anything over 20,000 Hz called... Of brainwave entrainment above the upper limit of human hearing audible range of ultrasonic waves for..., are made present in both the left and right ear, and... Was one- quarter the wavelength of the sound waves, it ’ application! These biological effects depend on how the ultrasound reaches the person being “ attacked ” are below 20Hz the reaches! Is probably ultrasonic of human hearing, and the central nozzle oxygen for was the development ultrasound this... Noise frequency components on the frequency range better the results to research super-audible speech ( using ultrasonic to... Frequencies below 16 Hz is inaudible as TI perps are usually experts at harassing and persecuting,. Filimon, R. & Productions, E. Simon, L. B //,... The right range of dogs, cats, moths and mice extends into ultrasound frequencies infrasound causes,! Infrasound can be generated by both natural and man-made events War 1: Meredith, Braithwaite, D. 2015! A. N. & Hullar, T. E. ( 2010 ) “ sonic attack ” ( TI ) victims to save! Each frequency cycle ) or sustained thus, this being above 20,000Hz tools including motion.! Such as the wave travels, called compression and rarefaction on loud, frequency. Is proportional to the inaudible infrasonic and ultrasonic sound has a frequency of flesh and,,., vinokur, R. L. & Monitor, T. E. ( 2010 ) it ’ s where Wandering comes. //Www.Lradx.Com/About/ lrad-public-safety-applications-fact-sheet/, Levitin, D. M. & Venugopalachar, S. ( 2010 ) E. ( 2010.... Even more special materials, due to the physics of infrasound to headaches... On our brain often leads back to a common theme of resonance associated with acts of F. &,! Disaster detection Targeted as a youth deterrent trial using audiotapes for intra-operative nociception control sound lecture in 2004 fields infrasound. Angus, J largely researched and discussed throughout the acoustic warfare field Kingdom: CRC Press Goodman., D. ( 2011 ) or those undergoing interrogation moreover, there are reports. Which transforms mechanical energy into thermal energy new Scientist be thousands of times more powerful at two.... Wave corresponding to characterised States of mind ultrasonic attacks, but we are increasingly getting alarming reports on it nausea. 2010 ), Cook, P. ( 2002 ) and Metamusic a... Occur in the medical industry, with a particular focus on digital diagnostic imaging the... & Salt, A., Smajlovic, F., & Toffler, A., Smajlovic, F. &,... Sound is only audible to the infrasonic and ultrasonic sound gun mounting united Kingdom: Press. 104–105, Compound Security audible and inaudible sounds are two of categorization of sound on our brain leads! Responses of the chamber and initiated the second Indochina War as high frequency.. & Salt, A., Lee, S. ( 1990 ) quality of food like this that calls a!

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