Seit über 40 Jahren im Dienste der Besitzer von Mobil- und Fertighäusern

Vorteile eines Fertighauses


The cost of manufactured homes on average is less than traditional homes. Often times, the mortgage and space rent for a manufactured home is even less than renting an apartment or condominium in California. According to Zillow, the median (traditional) home value in California is $487,700. Manufactured homes cost a fraction of this price for just as much space as a traditional home and much more space than an apartment or condominium.


Many manufacturers allow customization on the layout and design of a new manufactured home. Because manufactured homes are modular (have multiple pieces that are manufactured at a factory and brought to the space), a customer has more freedom to customize than if they were to buy a traditional home that was built on-site.


Manufactured homes in mobile home parks can provide a great sense of community. Afterall, a mobile home park is a community of residents that often share common facilities (pool, club house, etc). This type of neighborhood relationship is unique to private communities and manufactured homes make this type of community much more affordable and attainable.


Many manufactured homes found for sale in parks have renovated living spaces and kitchens. These improvements are comparable to that of the comforts of a traditional home.


A manufactured home can be placed just about anywhere (given the proper legal and safety constraints), whether in a park or on owned land, giving the customer full freedom to choose where they want to live. There are mobile home parks throughout California and a customer can find the location that is perfect for their budget and lifestyle.


Manufactured homes make homeownership affordable and accessible. For residents who have previously only been able to rent apartments and condominiums, this means that the monthly amount spent on housing will now go toward owning your own home. Homeownership has never been more in reach!


A manufactured home is much larger than an apartment or condominium with the same monthly payment on average. A single wide manufactured home is generally around 1,000 square feet, while a double wide can be as large as 2,300 square feet for the same or a fraction of the monthly payment on an apartment or condominium.

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